Moving Towards the real “Sustainable Architecture”

The living environment surrounding us is constantly changing in unprecedented speed these days. Thus, the information

and media oriented society tends to appreciate only the relationship of abstract matters, but to dismiss the “power” of

urban and architectural spaces. We have to think again and try to recover our faith to the power of spaces.

Fundamentally, we have had intimate conversations between man/object or man/space in urban and architectural

spaces, and through those conversations, the built environments have been able to be cultivated as substantial social

stocks in our long history. We architects and urban designers need to think about these environmental issues,

considering the “power of spaces” as our real cultural artifacts.

Our design policy is to think from the detail of furniture to the broader concept of urban environment, with the consistent

viewpoint mentioned above, and to create an innovative environment for human kind.

For that goal, we should sharpen our senses to be delicate enough to feel the beauty of materials, the preciseness of

details, the power of physical spaces, and the amenity of rich neighborhoods.

Through those keen senses, the created urban and architectural spaces could be a part of the real social stocks.

Structuring an ideal interactive relationship between the scholarly approaches in the laboratory at Meiji University, and

the professional approaches at Archi-Media architects & associates, we would like to create more innovative ideas

and designs, with strong and challenging motivations.

Principal of Archi-Media architects & associates/Professor of Meiji University ( PHD )  MASAMI KOBAYASHI