Takahashi Certified Preschool Project

location: Takahashi city, Okayama
use: Preschool and Child welfare facility
structure: RC + S
number of stories: 3 stories
site area: 4,243.93㎡
total floor area: 3,037.14㎡
completion: February, 2025 :scheduled

The project is to reorganize two kindergartens and one nursery school in Takahashi city and build a “Takahashi Certified Preschool”.
In a rich emotional environment, young children learn a lot during this period of their lives, through experiences such as play and daily life, the foundation for growing up as a person with a rich heart and for living strongly as a member of society.
Based on this fact, we aim to create a children’s preschool that fulfills children’s dreams of “having fun”, “being excited”, “wanting to do things”, and “wanting to know more”.

[Design Concept]
1. A space inspired by the image of a “town” around the courtyard, where diverse people come across.
2. 360° view of rich green mountains and the view to the castle within the greenery.
3. Diverse interaction between children of different ages (connection between the plaza and the nursery)
4. Different sizes of space for different children’s activities × space for unique play