Roadside Station in Aio town
Plan for the Public Proposal for Design Development of Relocation and Improvement Project of Roadside Station “Aio” location: Yamaguchi city, Yamaguchi use: Roadside Station structure: W+RC number of stories: 2 stories site area: 12,000 ㎡ total floor area: 1,700㎡ planned: July, 2023

This is a proposal plan to add disaster prevention and information dissemination functions to the roadside station functions in the Aio district of Yamaguchi city, and to expand the functions of the roadside station as a regional industrial promotion and exchange center.


[Design Concept]

“safe station” that will serve as a disaster prevention base for the citizens of Aio.

“station for everyone” that is unique to Aio, utilizing locally produced materials.

“station that enlivens” as a base for local revitalization by utilizing tourism resources.

The facility plan should be easy to use for users, operators, and neighbors.


A structure and environmental plan that is in tune with the regional characteristics of Aio.