Kuroishi Inner Area Renovation Project
Committed through “Kuroishi city Public Proposal for Area Renovation Plan Formulation”. (Cooperation as overall supervisor) location: Kuroishi city, Aomori planned: July, 2021

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Kuroishi City Public Proposal for Area Renovation Plan Formulation.

[Evaluation comments]

Many points of the proposals were highly evaluated for their feasibility, including the integrated use of the facility through the external space, the promotion of human resource development and community growth as well as reflecting citizens’ opinions in the planning process through citizen workshops, and the creation of “komise” where people can enjoy walking with a high circulation plan.


The clarification of each person’s role, the establishment of a structure for the work implementation team, and proposals such as the relationship with existing facilities and public transportation and the promotion of community development with a view to extending to hot spring resorts, are also expected, as well as cooperation with citizen groups and related departments.



In addition to this, it was hoped that the proposal would be compiled into a better design for the realization of the renovation of the inner area of town, discussing with the city, while taking into consideration the use of subsidized projects and the reduction of the financial burden on the city in terms of maintenance and management.