OPEL Factory Renovation Project (2013)

location: Dortmund city: Federal Republic of Germany

This is the project to regenerate the industrial quarter to the creative quarter through the renovation of abandoned Opel factory, which will be the trigger to reorganize the regional network for better communication, to design landscape as the future infrastructure of the region that connects the quarters and secures environmental quality, and to create the space to share the opportunities for the innovation.

This project contributes regional future activation in the field of:

1. Mobility: Improvement of public access and development of new circulation in the regional network are core infrastructure for the Center

2. Landscape: Green intervention connecting in and out of the area provides the creative environment for innovative thinking and communication in the project area together with generating future landscape of industrial green.

3. Economy: Knowledge industries and incubation functions for the new economy are strategic functions of the Center that inspire the history of the area where they always invented the leading economy of the times.

This project was created in collaboration with Kengo Kuma.