Weekend House in Moroiso

location: Miura, Kanagawa
use: residence
structure: RC + wood
site area: 165.39㎡
total floor area: 136.39㎡
completion: 1994

Ideal Weekend Residence

I was given a special site facing the beautiful sunrises and sunsets of Moroiso Bay in Kanagawa Prefecture. This is a weekend residence where the owner can work and enjoy his leisure time. He is fortunate in being able to tie up his yacht at the front of his “Ideal Villa”.

The kitchen occupies the first floor so that the owner can display his cooking skills. The second floor houses bedrooms and a salon with a large terrace. The lifestyle here makes it both possible to work and enjoy sailing. It predicts a lifestyle in the future when telecommunication technology is developed to the extent that the client can work virtually, and live in his ideal space simultaneously. I have tried to express this ideal lifestyle as directly as possible.