Studio in Ebisu

location: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
use: restaurant, office, residence
structure: RC
site area: 159.13㎡
total floor area: 392.95㎡
completion: 1994

Grains of the City

The traffic and infra-structure of modern Tokyo is stretched to the limit. The inhabitants are sensorially and physically overloaded. I can feel the dreadfulness of Tokyo when I look at people in the train station.

The site of this project faces such a station. The construction of Ebisu Garden Place and the extension of the Saikyo Line has changed Ebisu Station greatly in the mid 1990s. A travelator connects Ebisu Garden Place with the station. Skyscrapers and parking towers have mushroomed in the area.

The site faces the travelator side of the station and my aim was to incorporate the view of passenger movement into the new design. The program was a typical urban mixed-use complex with restaurants on the first floor, offices on the second and third floors and dwellings on the fourth and fifth floors.