Seaside New Town

location: Yokosuka-shi, Kanagawa
use: apartment house
structure: RC
number of stories: 8 story
completion: 09.1999

This project was carried out in collaboration with three architects and one landscape designer. The project, for a huge condominium of 678 units, had become stagnated long after its planning in the time of the bubble economy, but finally, it was restarted. Especially in the Yokosuka area, the approval from The Town Building Committee is necessary to realize a new large development, which was a major reason for our participation as architects.  The major purpose of this project was the coordination of the exterior design of each building which was developed by different companies, and the design of a high quality townscape by creating an atmosphere of a seaside resort. We, as architects, took charge of the whole building layout and the exterior design, and the staff of development companies were in charge of the interior design of each condominium.

The scenario of the rough zoning and landscape, the method of one lot application, and condominium types and building sizes are discussed carefully between all of us. After that, we allocated buildings among us to design in more detail. Today is different from the time of Le Corbusier, the time that a city was designed by one architect. Such a collaborating relation was greatly expected to be a clue to the new theory of creating a diverse townscape.