Matsunoyu Communication Center

location: Kuroishi-shi, Aomori use: exhibition hall structure: wood number of stories: 2 story site area: 963.20㎡ total floor area: 482.04㎡ completion: 06.2015 Award: 15th Furusato Aomori Landscape Award, Public Buildings Category, Grand Prize (2023)

Matsunoyu was formally a public bath which closed in 1993 to be renovated into a local community center at Kuroishi City in Aomori prefecture. It is designated as an important traditional building and its exterior must be protected and preserved as a principal in accordance with Japanese law.

Nakamachi of Kuroishi City is a designated preservation district for groups of traditional important buildings, Japan’s category of historical preservation. It is one of Matsunoyu cultural exchange center’s primary objectives to restore the Komise, an arcade style wooden corridor back to its original intended shape after a significant reconstruction during the Showa period (1926-1989, mid to late 20th century). Despite the growing concerns of the once glamorous Komise progressively dissipating, there are intensive preventative efforts to maintain the scenery.