Rest House in Naiku, Jingu

location: Ise-shi, Mie
use: shrine
structure: RC (partially S) + Wooden roof
number of stories: 2 story
site area: 3,701.24㎡
total floor area: 2,100.05㎡
completion: 09.2011

The rest house was built at Ise Jingu Naiku in 1969, and has functions such as a resting place for worshipers, a stage / waiting room for dedication, and a lecture hall for direct meetings. Forty years have passed since the building was built, and the exterior wall was damaged, so it was repaired.

The theme requested by the owner was “an exterior suitable for the sanctuary” and “a space that expresses the internal functions and conveys the charm of a facility with a courtyard and stage”.

We intended to harmonize with the sanctuary by using warm materials centered on “wood” for the exterior and interior space of the building.

The atrium and corridor are made of lightweight iron and wood, and appear to be floating in the air covering the space from the outside to the courtyard and stage.