House in Komae

location: Komae-shi, Tokyo
use: residence
structure: wood
number of stories: 2 story
site area: 313.70㎡
total floor area: 258.78㎡
completion: 03.1999

A Space for a Knowledge Vault

This house was built for an economist who spent most of his past living abroad. His major requests for his new house was that it contains a library/study to stock thousands of books and videotapes, and that it relates well to a cherry tree garden. The study for these requests resulted in a residential space with enjoyable amenities, such as an exterior deck on the second floor to enjoy cherry blossoms, and a library-hall capable of having a cinema party. The goal of this design was to use natural materials throughout the whole house to create a relaxed atmosphere, while attaining a rich space where one can mediate freely about a space surrounded by a “stock” of knowledge.

The house is composed of a library, a living room and a dining room on the first floor, and a roof deck and bedrooms with lofts on the second floor. To avoid dependence on mechanical ventilation, a fireplace was set up on the first floor and the planning on each floor was considered to literally take in the most efficient cross-ventilation. Especially in the space around the verandas, controlling screen positions enable the enjoyment of different spatial conditions according to each season. I feel that this whole project attained sustainability at a high level.