Meiji University Ikuta Guesthouse

location: Kawasaki-shi, Kanagawa
use: guesthouse
structure: RC + S (partially)
number of stories: 2 story
site area: 518.87㎡
total floor area: 371.37㎡
completion: 05.1998

This guesthouse built near Ikuta station of Odakyu line is designed to provide for a place where the foreign invited researchers, the faculty members and the students can easily communicate and exchange their mutual intellects. An entrance hall connected to a small courtyard, and 3 family units are laid out on 1F and 6 single units, a Japanese room and an open deck are planned on 2F. The keyword in design was “Hospitality”, and the whole design was developed considering the following points;

1. Keeping the building height low and with an open deck on 2F, we can acquire a space full of sunlight and natural ventilation. The finished material of the courtyard permits the rain percolation into the ground.

2. In the interior design, we avoid using chemical glue for our health and adopted reasonable raw materials as the finish.

3. Laying out the building along the river, we could create an intimate courtyard with a symbolic tree surrounded by the open corridors. The entrance hall attached to the court is specifically designed to afford several kinds of social events.