Gaochun Project (2018)

location: Gaochun District, Nanjing, Jiangsu, China

The basis of the resort planning is to provide an extraordinary environment that is completely different from everyday life.

The goal of this project is to give visitors a time to relax both physically and mentally.

The following points were important in this project.

1. We created a unique and beautiful landscape environment that is separate from the surrounding daily living environment.

2. The movement of visitors is basically water transported using boats, which gives them the impression of an unexpected world. The land transportation is limited to the electric carts for transportation for services.

3. In order to increase the number of repeaters and to avoid for the visitors to get tired of monotonous flow lines and programs, we tried to maintain a multi-layered flow network and various functions (events) that can always be enthusiastically expected.

4. In order to satisfy the day visitors, short-term visitors and long-term visitors, we provided a variety of facilities and programs.