Forest of Star: Unuma Cycle Park + Multi Purpose Restroom

location: Kagamihara-shi, Gifu
use: cycle park + restroom
structure: S + RC
number of stories: 2 story / 1 story
site area: 597.68㎡
total floor area: 781.42㎡ / 36.52㎡
completion: 09.2003 / 12.2003
preliminary design: Mikiko Ishikawa + Keio University Ishikawa Lab.

The bicycle parking and restroom facility in this project were planed not as building objects but as environmental entities, the appearance of which corresponds to its surrounding context. Since we adopted the double-skin façade system, the building appearance is perceived in a diverse way from a far view point and it can also give unique sequential effects to the people passing by.

Since the site of this school was planned in the adjacent place from the “Forest of Learning” park, we tried to create a comfortable learning place coupled with the local people’s activities. Though the schools in Japan tend to be closed spatially and administratively for security reasons, we clearly integrated the territory for the pupil and one for the local people, who can use this facility on weekends as a recurrent educational school of Art.