Forest for Learning: Terrace of Cloud + Multi Purpose Restroom

location: Kagamihara-shi, Gifu
use: park management office
structure: RC + S
number of stories: 1 story
site area: 39,930㎡
total floor area: 190.12㎡
completion: 08.2005
landscape design: Mikiko Ishikawa + Keio University Ishikawa Lab.

prize: CIVIL ENGINEERING DESIGN PRIZE (2008) 1st prize

Terrace of Cloud (a park administrative office)

In this project, we tried to create a place, where the parents can enjoy and relax while watching their children play around in the park, and the citizens can enjoy their own art exhibitions. The whole composition of building the two stone walls is to accommodate a citizens’ art gallery and a floating roof to create an open air café space below. To make the the roof thin as thin as possible, we adopted a 70mm honeycomb steel panel supported by thin steel columns.

Multi Purpose Restroom

Generally, restrooms in parks give negative dark and dirty impressions. So, we tried to create a light and clean restroom with a double-skin façade system. The natural grass patterns printed on the glass give unique feelings of depth to the people passing by.